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We use the latest machines and technology to clear your land and turn unwanted plant life into valuable mulch. Our process is better for your budget and the environment.

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Our unrivaled service also comes with price matching. We’ll match the price on just about any written estimate from a licensed and insured competitor. Our training, experience, and more efficient equipment mean that we can do better work than our competitors, in less time.

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Better For Your Budget And The Environment.

We use the latest machines and technology to clear your land and turn unwanted plant life into valuable mulch. Our process is better for your budget and the environment.

A Forestry Mulcher is a specialized commercial machine capable of mulching entire standing trees, downed trees, and vegetation using a rotating drum to cut down and shred plant life to clear the land. With this machine, we can clear land so efficiently that our customers save up to half compared to traditional hand cutting methods. Just as importantly, the process is faster and more convenient because it skips the expensive and time consuming hauling or burning that would result from conventional clearing.

By using a Forestry Mulcher, there are fewer steps involved in the land clearing process including site prep, cutting, felling, hauling the material, and site clean-up. Since the Forestry Mulcher is capable of handling many jobs, it eliminates the need for a bulldozer, excavator, tree shearer, wood chipper/grinder and transport vehicles. The cost savings on time and labor made possible by these efficiencies are massive.

When you need to clear a large swath of land for a road, utility line, or new construction, a Forestry Mulching machine can get the job done faster and more affordably.

The Many Benefits of Mulching

Other methods of land clearing require huge crews, fleets of vehicles, and massive labor costs. Traditionally, you’d need to ship in everything from a bulldozer to excavators to tree shears, not to mention wood chippers. All of this equipment would take up space on your land and require people to operate each specialized machine. The planning, execution, and clean up from that kind of operation takes a long time as each step has to be coordinated. Doing things the old way has a serious impact on your land and your budget.

But Forestry Mulching offers a better way. By mulching trees right where they are, with a single machine, your land can be cleared faster and more affordably. No preparation or clean up are needed since all the work is done by one crew with just one machine. Just as importantly, your land is left in better shape by a Forestry Mulcher. Bulldozing down trees causes more damage to the soil and can damage trees and plants that you want to keep. This can put your land at risk for soil erosion and can impact the long-term health of your land by removing nutrients from the ecosystem. Older methods also run a much higher risk of disturbing underground utilities which can create expensive and dangerous problems.  

Forestry Mulching avoids these drawbacks while offering many advantages. Mulching leaves the soil mostly undisturbed, which reduces the impact on underground utility lines and reduces the chance of soil erosion and mudslides. After mulching, natural vegetation will eventually grow back through the mulch and fill in the area, leaving your land looking better and easier to maintain. The reduced number of vehicles on your land also means reduced fuel use and emissions. This makes Forestry Mulching the better choice for your wallet and the environment.

Forestry Mulching Can Improve Your Land

A business or landowner may need Forestry Mulching services for a variety of reasons. This method of clearing land works for projects like:

  • Hunting land improvement
  • Invasive species control
  • Lot clearing
  • Tree and brush removal
  • Site preparation

These are just a few of the projects Forestry Mulching is good for. Even if you don’t plan to use the land for a long time, Forestry Mulching is incredibly useful for preventing wildfires and maintaining the overall health of the ecosystem. You can use Mulching to create a firebreak, since removing undergrowth means that your land has less fuel for fires. If you have land that needs to be cleared for any reason, don’t hesitate to call Red Hills Landworks. We’re the experts at taking care of your land and your budget.


 Many land owners have heard about selective clearing or thinning as an effective strategy to improve the health, safety, appearance, and value of their land. For those who haven’t, you can think of selective clearing like weeding your garden, but on a much larger scale. Simply put, we take out certain plants, trees, and other kinds of vegetation to leave more room for the trees and plants that you want to grow. Without undesirable plant life competing with your trees, they’ll have room to grow unimpeded.

With our expert knowledge of local plants, animals, and environments, well work with you to decide which trees and plants you want to keep and protect and which you’d like removed. We’ll explain your options and walk you through the benefits of your decisions. After taking into consideration your specific goals, we’ll create a plan that works with your budget and your schedule. Well remove the unwanted trees quickly and safely with minimal disturbance to your property.  

Not only will the trees left behind grow faster and stronger, but other potential problems are also eliminated. With less dense undergrowth, the risk of fire spreading decreases.

How Exactly Does Thinning Work?

When it comes to your forest, there are many factors out of your control. For trees to grow, they require nutrients in the soil, sunlight and water. Fertilizing an entire forest is not realistic and you can’t control how often it rains. Therefore, the only factor in the growth of trees under human control is the amount of light they get. By thinning your forest, you allow light to shine on new trees, letting them grow to maturity faster.


Non-native plant life is a very real threat to local ecosystems. If left unchecked, invasive plant life can take over your property and cause expensive damage. These plants can kill off local plants and cause disturbances all the way up the food chain. However, if dealt with early by experts, invasive species can be removed effectively.

With decades of experience dealing with local plant and animal life, the experts at Red Hills Landworks can help restore your ecosystem and even help protect it from future threats.


 Wildfires are a serious danger. Unpredictable fires can put lives at risk and destroy the value of your property. The cost of preventative maintenance is always less than the enormous cost of damage due to wildfire. With our years of experience in the area, Red Hills Landworks understands the best practices involved with fire risk mitigation.

Dense debris and dead plants and trees, known as “ladder fuel,” make fires spread faster and burn more powerfully. They can also make fires burn higher, resulting in “crown fires.” These fires that spread to the tree tops in a forest become extremely difficult and dangerous to fight. However, with proper land management, these risks can be limited and even when fires do break out, they spread more slowly and become easier and safer to fight. Red Hills Landworks understands how to create custom ladder fuel reduction plans, individualized for your land. Don’t take risks with fire safety. Let us help you maintain your land and protect your family and property.


 After the timber has been logged from your property, a huge mess gets left behind. Tree stumps remain, taking up space where new trees could grow. Dead branches create fuel for wildfires. Damaged trees create breeding grounds for diseases and pests. These short term problems are bad, but they also create expensive long-term issues. If not properly cleaned, post-logging debris can interfere with the growth of new trees, decreasing the value of your property.

Leaning or damaged trees and branches also pose a serious safety risk to anyone on your property. Leaving these concerns unattended places you and your guests in unnecessary risk. Only trained experts can safely remove and deal with the large debris left by logging.


If you need the boundaries of your land cleared for survey work or fence building, Red Hills Landworks can help. Instead of bringing machinery like bulldozers that can damage your property and leave behind large debris, we’ll use minimally invasive and more effective Forestry Mulching. Not only will your property lines be cleared, but the trees and brush that once grew there will be turned into useful mulch that helps your other trees grow strong and healthy.

Forestry Mulching will also leave a clear path on which you can walk or drive off-road vehicles without fear of holes and damage caused by bulldozers and other intrusive machines. If you have a tight schedule and want to get started right away, contact us and we’ll work with you to meet you schedule and budget. Red Hills Landworks respects your time and your land.


Without regular maintenance, pasture land can become overgrown and less useable. Don’t wait until your property gets so bad that an expensive overhaul becomes necessary. Weeds, brush, and invasive species can take over your pasture land and choke the life out of your grass. Not only will this harm the appearance of your land, but it will also reduce its value. Red Hills Landworks can help restore your pasture back to pristine condition with our expert knowledge and cutting edge tools.

Whether your pasture just has weed issues, pH problems, or anything in between, we know how to help. Nature will sometimes restore worn out pasture land on its own, but that can take years you don’t have to spare. Rather than waiting and hoping things improve, get professional help to restore your pasture.

Preventative maintenance now will save you money and headaches in the long-run. Call our experts today for an on-site inspection to learn about the state of your pasture land and what we can do to improve it.


 Adding walking, hiking, and riding trails to your property can boost its value and help you enjoy the land to its fullest potential. Our professional team understands the ecology of the area meaning we can cut trails with minimal environmental impact.

If you’re a local government with forest land that you’d like to improve for the use of your citizens and to attract tourism, Red Hills Landworks can help. We understand the forests of Florida and Georgia. Our expert local knowledge allows us to create trail plans that meet your needs while protecting the integrity of your land and wildlife. We can work with you to create trail systems that enrich the lives of your citizens while fitting with your budget.

For private citizens who want to create walking and riding trails on their land, we’ll work with you to understand your goals. Whether you want trails for personal or commercial use, we can help. We’ll cut trails that meet your needs.

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Joe and Reed are super nice and came right out to grind 10 stumps for me. They ended up being cheaper than a traditional stump grinder. Their machines are awesome. I would highly recommend them, and will use them again.

Rob Kornegay

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Very professional, responsive company. Great results from swampy overgrowth to a clear pond view. Will use again for future projects.

Audrey Robbins

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Reed did an excellent job clearing our backyard. He showed up on time, listened to our concerns, and provided great value for the money. We couldn’t be more pleased with the end result. I only wish we’d have done it sooner since it gives us so much more useable space!

Danielle Slaton

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