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Whether the job is small or large, it’s always best to hire experts for potentially dangerous tractor work and Red Hills Landworks has the experience and specialized tools needed to get your job done right.

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Our unrivaled service also comes with price matching. We’ll match the price on just about any written estimate from a licensed and insured competitor. Our training, experience, and more efficient equipment mean that we can do better work than our competitors, in less time.

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Don't Take Chances With Tractor Work

Whether the job is small or large, it’s always best to hire experts for potentially dangerous tractor work. These are powerful machines that can cause real damage if not driven and operated by trained professionals. From spotting and navigating around hidden obstacles to maintaining a safe jobsite, we can do it all.

Red Hills Landworks has the experience and specialized tools needed to get your job done right. Hiring the right pros will get your project started sooner, finished faster, and completed more affordably.


Brush hogging your fields, farm land, and acreages is the best way to keep the land clear of weeds, roots, and other invasive species that can prevent the growth of grass or other desired plant life. Red Hills Landworks has the experience and tools to quickly and efficiently brush hog your land to keep it beautiful and productive.

What Is Brush Hogging?

Brush hogs are powerful rough mowers pulled by tractors. They’re designed with deep, durable blades that cut through brush growth and weeds. Whether you want to turn a field into a pasture, prepare farm land for planting, clear land for commercial use, or just want your property to look nicer and be easier to maintain, brush hogging is the solution.

Can I just use a finishing mower?

Many people hope to be able to brush hog using a standard finishing mower. Unfortunately, finishing mowers are not suited to this task for several reasons. First, their blades are not designed for the strain caused by thick brush. Blades meant for grass are thin and will bend, break, and fly loose if they’re damaged by plant life they aren’t designed to cut. Second, thick brush can often clog finishing mowers. Not only does this cause delays in the work, but it requires cleaning and potentially expensive repairs. Even worse, clearing out clogged blades can be dangerous if attempted by someone who isn’t experienced with the task. Finally, the smaller blades on a finishing mower won’t get nearly as deep as a brush hog’s blades. This means that finishing mowers leave behind more brush and plant life that will choke out your grass and have your fields looking uncared for. When you consider that this less effective method also takes significantly longer, it becomes clear that finishing mowers aren’t suited to the task. Brush hogging requires proper equipment operated by experts who can do it safely.

Benefits of Brush Hogging

If you take care of your land, your land will take care of you. Regular brush hogging, even on active pastures with animals feeding on them, is a good idea. Brush hogging will prevent the growth and spread of weeds that can reduce feeding areas and cause a variety of problems.

  • Weeds compete for nutrients with the grasses and plants you actually want growing on your land. This decreases the value of your pastures and negatively impacts the beauty of your property.
  • Without regular maintenance, fields, pastures, and other large areas of land will quickly turn into overgrown forests. When this happens, clearing the land becomes much more expensive than preventative brush hogging would have been.
  • If you’re trying to grow food, flowers, or other crops, brush hogging makes your fields much healthier by keeping them clear of competing plant life. Also, brush hogging turns invasive weeds into soil nutrients that feed your desired plants.

Don’t put off taking care of your land. Brush hogging today will keep your land looking nicer and make it more affordable to maintain long-term.  Give us a call to find out more.

Brush Hog or Bush Hog?

 We often get asked about the difference between brush hogs and Bush Hogs. People want to know whether there’s a difference and which name is more accurate. Bush Hog is actually a brand name for machines designed for brush hogging. Usually, using either name will get your point across, but brush hog is more commonly used.


Roadside mowing is about more than just keeping roads looking nice. There are many public safety benefits to keeping well maintained roadsides. Wild plant growth along roads makes important road sings harder to see, causing potentially dangerous situations. A Stop sign or Yield sign that isn’t clearly visible to drivers is an invitation to major traffic accidents. Even obscured speed limit signs can cause problems if drivers are unaware of appropriate speeds for local areas and upcoming turns, stops, and traffic pattern changes. Wild growth along roadways can also make sidewalks and pedestrian areas difficult to navigate, resulting in hazards to citizens and people walking too close to roads.

Red Hills Landworks Makes Safety a Priority

Roadside mowing can be very dangerous if done improperly. Serious expertise is required to clear and mow vegetation from roadsides while mitigating risk. Red Hills Landworks has dedicated experts who understand how to do the job right and how to keep the public safe while working on major roadways.  

We carefully examine the areas we’ll be mowing to prevent debris from catching in mower blades and flying into traffic. We use all appropriate safety and visibility gear on our workers and equipment to make sure that all drivers and pedestrians can easily see us while we work. Our vehicles are always maintained in excellent shape to ensure the best and safest possible performance. Red Hills Landworks also has the deep ecological knowledge necessary to understand how to deal with specific grasses and plant life along roadways to avoid any unintended damage to local ecosystems.

If you need roadside mowing services, hire the experts are Red Hills Landworks.


 Once you have your construction project planned, nothing is more frustrating than delays. Delays eat into your budget and create serious logistical issues down the line. You can’t control every single part of your project, but you can control which company you hire to do your site prep. When you hire Red Hills Landworks for your site prep work, you’re getting the benefit of local experts who put your satisfaction first.

Our dedication to training and cutting edge equipment mean that we can have your site prep completed faster than the competition. There’s no reason to risk costly delays. Contact us today and get building sooner.  


 Whether you’re a local government or a private landowner, we can help you with any size habitat project. With decades of hands-on experience working with local animal life and ecosystems, we understand how to help you achieve your goals affordably while respecting the environment. From small projects designed to increase the presence of attractive animal life like birds and butterflies to large projects to restore the ecology on an area, Red Hills Landworks can help.

For large land owners, wildlife habitat projects can revitalize your land and breathe new life into your property. From huge acreages that want to attract tourism to local governments trying to ensure the long-term health of local ecosystems, Red Hills Landworks has the decades of experience your project needs.

If you’re a private homeowner looking to beautify your yard or property, you can still hire the industry leading experts at Red Hills Landworks. We’re more than happy to lend our professional help to any size wildlife habitat project. Our passion for the outdoors and environmentally conscious habitat knowledge can transform your property.


 Red Hills Landworks has the expertise to work with your unique property to create the best hunting environment possible. We begin by understanding your land and how the animals on it live and feed. Each piece of land has different qualities and features that need to be taken into consideration. We’ll help you understand your options. From there, we work with your personal goals and needs to create a plan that fits your specifications and your budget. Whether you have existing plots and lanes that you want to improve with or have untouched land that you want to develop, we can help.

We’ll also help you develop access and approaches to allow you to get to your preferred stand or blind without having to disturb the animal life on your property. As experts who have worked with the wildlife in this area our whole lives, we know how to help you get the most out of your property and hunting experience. Our owner, Reed Brown is a lifetime outdoorsman who is trusted and consulted by many wildlife organizations including the Quality Deer Management Association, National Wild Turkey Federation, Quail Unlimited, Delta Waterfowl, and Ducks Unlimited. Reed is also a certified deer steward with the Quality Deer Management Association.

Customer Satisfaction Is Our Goal

Joe and Reed are super nice and came right out to grind 10 stumps for me. They ended up being cheaper than a traditional stump grinder. Their machines are awesome. I would highly recommend them, and will use them again.

Rob Kornegay

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Very professional, responsive company. Great results from swampy overgrowth to a clear pond view. Will use again for future projects.

Audrey Robbins

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Reed did an excellent job clearing our backyard. He showed up on time, listened to our concerns, and provided great value for the money. We couldn’t be more pleased with the end result. I only wish we’d have done it sooner since it gives us so much more useable space!

Danielle Slaton

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