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From removing a dead or dying tree to grinding unsightly tree stumps, Red Hills Landworks has the expertise and equipment to get the job done right.

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Our unrivaled service also comes with price matching. We’ll match the price on just about any written estimate from a licensed and insured competitor. Our training, experience, and more efficient equipment mean that we can do better work than our competitors, in less time.

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Tree Removal Requires Experts

Whether you have an aging tree that needs to be removed from your property for the safety of your family or a tree just getting in the way of a construction project, we can help. We’ll use our state of the art equipment operated by highly trained professionals to safely remove your tree.

When hiring a company to remove trees from your property, it’s critical to hire someone you trust. Red Hills Landworks will approach your job with the care and attention it deserves. Give us a call today and we’ll work with you to understand your budget and your needs.


Once you remove a tree from your property, you’re usually left with a large and difficult to remove stump. You might think that this is a minor inconvenience at first, but with time, most people find these stumps to be large nuisances. They interfere with mowing the lawn and can become trip and fall hazards. They also get in the way when you decide to plant a new tree as the root system can interfere with new tree growth. These problems are only the beginning. As your stump ages, it can become a home to pests like carpenter ants and termites. With a nearby base, they can spread to your home.

One option is complete stump removal. This is expensive and requires tearing up a huge part of your lawn. For these reasons, most people prefer not to choose this option. A better solution is stump grinding. We’ll use our specialized machinery to grind down your stump safely and quickly. You’ll be left with mulch that can be used to feed the plant life on your property.

Customer Satisfaction Is Our Goal

Joe and Reed are super nice and came right out to grind 10 stumps for me. They ended up being cheaper than a traditional stump grinder. Their machines are awesome. I would highly recommend them, and will use them again.

Rob Kornegay

Facebook Review

Very professional, responsive company. Great results from swampy overgrowth to a clear pond view. Will use again for future projects.

Audrey Robbins

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Reed did an excellent job clearing our backyard. He showed up on time, listened to our concerns, and provided great value for the money. We couldn’t be more pleased with the end result. I only wish we’d have done it sooner since it gives us so much more useable space!

Danielle Slaton

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