Red Hills Landworks

Your Gainesville Land Clearing Solution

When land is left for a long while without being cleared, all sorts of problems are likely to arise. These problems usually lead to a decrease in land value, even in hot real estate markets like Gainesville.  Trees, dead plant life, debris, stumps, overgrowths, boulders, and tree trunks left lying around on the land may lead to hindrances to using it. Not surprisingly, these issues are often quite expensive to fix when left for too long.

In the end, the value of land diminishes when it loses its aesthetic features as well as it becomes a breeding space for diseases. By clearing up your land, you revitalize it and restore it to its primal value. Red Hills Landworks is ever ready to offer our services to you whenever you are ready.

Safety First

Several risks are inevitable if your land is left uncleared for a long time. Not only does your land face the potential threat of fire outbreak because of unchecked/dead plant life serve as fuel for fires.  You and your family also face the potential danger of tripping and falling over these unwanted materials. Imagine having to face lawsuits over your guest falling into danger on your uncleared land. It’s definitely not worth it!

Healthier Land

Uncleared lands certainly easily attract all breeds of species which in turn invade and become a source of ill-health for the land itself. The stumps and trunks and fallen rotten trees also become harbors for breeding diseases on your land and these, in turn, affect its value. Moreover, your preferred trees and plant life are less likely to grow healthily due to the fact that they have to fight over the available nutrients with plant species that is less desirable.


Red Hills Landworks is a company that has everything required to give you the best exccation services to meet your schedule and budget. Not only are we affordable, we also have a well-seasoned team, state-of-the-art equipment, and adequate knowledge of the local Gainesville terrains and ecosystems which enables us to keep disturbance to the environment at a minimum. Whatever excavation work you need to be done, trust our experts at Red Hills to get it done just as you want it without overstretching your budget.

Our excavation services include:

  • Drainage work
  • Foundations dug out for construction
  • Sewer line installation
  • Land clearing
  • Installation of ponds and water features
  • Any other excavation works

Root Raking

Are you planning to start a building project on your land? Then you definitely need to remove all tree roots, stumps, and brushes. With our root raking machines which are handled by our professionally trained crews, we will remove all roots and brushes from your land while leaving the soil behind.

Clearing Lands for Geotechnical Drilling

Foundation drilling is an important part of a building project. The size of the building and the land’s geological properties are some of the major factors that need to be put into consideration when planning a building project. These factors make grasping the knowledge of what sort of foundation certain buildings require easy to figure out.

The experts at Red Hills Landworks are your best option at working through the best geotechnical drilling that your uncleared land requires for your specific project. There are no delays when you work with us. You can easily and quickly go on with finishing your project in no time at all.

Right of Way (ROW) Clearing and Maintenance

Many expensive problems are associated with uncleared lands. These hazards are not usually only restricted to you or your family alone but also to the public, especially when there are public utilities and pipelines within them. Leaving your land uncleared periodically puts you at the risk of incurring expensive damages to these utilities which you will be forced to pay for. Repair crews would also have trouble locating and repairing these utilities on your uncleared land when needed. Avoid these complications with Right of Way (ROW) clearing and maintenance.   Our experience with the cycles of growth and environmental factors that control the frequency needed to maintain open and clear ROW is what qualifies us as your best option.

Clearing for Public Utility Maintenance and Construction

To prepare your land for whatever utility project you have in mind, it is crucial that you hire experts who have the knowledge of the diverse Florida landscapes which often make the installation and maintenance of utilities problematic.   Our experts at Red Hills Landworks will work you through the best option for preparing your land for the kind of utility project you want. We have the knowledge of the local terrains, decades of experience, and top-notch equipment to give you just what you need.