Red Hills Landworks

The Gainesville Tree Removal Experts

Why Red Hills Landworks?

It’s important to hire someone you trust when hiring a contractor to remove trees from your property. Red Hills Landworks, with the care and consideration it needs, will approach your work diligently and safely.  Give us a call today to understand your budget and your needs, and we will work with you to make sure that your tree is removed the right way.

What Are Some Concerns Regarding Tree Removal?

Usually, if you remove a tree from your house, you are left with a huge and difficult stump to remove (it’s pretty unsightly too).  At first, you might think this is a slight annoyance, but with time, most individuals find these stumps to be major nuisances. A tree stump can interfere with the lawn’s mowing and can become hazards of travel and fall. As the root system can interfere with new tree growth, they also get in the way when you decide to plant a new tree.

These difficulties are just the beginning. As your stump ages, it can become a home to pests that are very common in Gainesville, like carpenter ants and termites. Before long, they will also spread to your home by entering the nearby foundation.

What Are My Options?

Total stump removal is one choice. However, this can be costly and needs a large portion of your lawn to be ripped up. For this and other reasons some individuals choose not to select this particular route. Stump Grinding is a safer option.  To grind down your stump safely and easily, we will use our advanced machinery. As an added benefit you’ll be left with mulch which can be used on your property to feed the plant life!