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The Safest Bet for Your Pocket and the Environment

At Red Hills Landworks, we offer forestry mulching in the Panama City area.  What is forestry mulching?  It is a land clearing method that involves the use of a single piece machine to cut, grind, and clear vegetation. Our forest mulcher is also known as forest masticator, a machine with rotary drums equipped with steel chipper blades used in shredding plant lives in clearing lands. With this superb machinery, we can clear your land with an efficiency that allows you to cut back on cost in comparison to going through the conventional manual cutting approaches.

Moreover, the process of mulching a land using the forest masticator is obviously faster and more convenient since the whole expensive and time-taking experience of hauling and burning that ensues after using the traditional hand cutting methods would be avoided altogether. The employment of a forest mulcher will mean that the arduous task usually involved in the process of land clearings such as site prepping, cutting, felling, hauling of materials, and site clean-up would drastically be reduced. A forest masticator is a tool capable of handling several jobs which erases the need for bulldozers, excavators, tree shearers, wood grinders, and trucks for transportation.

Advantages of Mulching Your Land

Conventionally, clearing lands usually revolves around manual methods as well as traditional methods which require the use of specialized machines for each process involved in the land clearing process. These methods demand large teams, several vehicles, and machines as well as the intensive cost of labor. Wood chipper or grinders, bulldozers, excavators, and tree shearers are some of the equipment that would be needed in clearing the land using the traditional methods. Imagine how much space all of these machines and vehicles would occupy on your land during the clearing process. Not only would this equipment occupy lots of space, but the process of using them for clearing is also time-consuming.  Talk about a dent to your budget!

Forest mulching, however, gives us a simpler way of clearing your land without going through the hullabaloo of having to ship the several machines needed in the traditional method. A forest mulcher, a single machine, allows for a faster and affordable process of land clearing by mulching the trees on your land right on their spot. The whole process of land clearing, from land prepping to cutting to felling to hauling and cleaning up, is done with this single piece machine handled by a single crew.

Furthermore, using the traditional methods, their is increased risk for damage. By felling trees using bulldozers, the soil and trees and plants that you would like to keep can be easily damaged. Consequently, your land stands the risk of soil erosion and mudslides which would definitely reduce the nutrients of the ecosystem, affecting the health value of your land. Besides the possible threat of damages, using older methods of land clearing also poses a potential threat to underground utilities which could be quite expensive to manage at the end of the day.

To avoid all these problems associated with the conventional methods, forest mulching is a safer bet. Not only would it ensure the soil is undisturbed by reducing the risk posed to underground utilities as well as protecting the ecosystem nutrients, but it is also cost and time effective. Mulching your land paves way for a better looking and easier to manage land with natural vegetation growing on it. Besides, mulching is eco-friendly as it implies fewer vehicles on your land which therefore translates to lesser emissions and fuel use in your environment.

Improve Your Land with Forest Mulching

Forest mulching services are often required for a variety of purposes by landowners as well as businesses. This variety of purposes include:

  • Invasive species control
  • Lot clearing
  • Hunting land improvement
  • Site preparation
  • Tree and brush removal

The above-mentioned projects are but a handful of the purposes for which forest mulching services are often employed. Forest mulching is incredibly helpful in preparing against wildfires in addition to maintaining the general welfare of the ecosystem. Think about it, removing the undergrowth as well as tree roots and other debris means your land has little or nothing to fuel fire outbreak. Thus, forest mulching is applicable to create firebreaks.   Call upon the experts at Red Hills Landworks for your forest mulching services because we have you covered from caring for your property to not shredding your budget. We offer quality services at an affordable price and have been serving the Panama City area for years.

Selective Clearing/Thinning

Selective clearing/ thinning, a term used in describing the land clearing method that involves removing all of the undergrowth and unwanted roots of native vegetation while retaining the larger trees and shrubs. For easier understanding, selective clearing/ thinning can be likened to weeding a garden, though on a larger scale. Selective thinning has been attested to as an effective approach to facilitating the safety, health, aesthetics, and value of the land. What we do is simply take-out certain plants, trees, and other unwanted plants to create space for the specific plants and trees you want on your land to grow. Thus, we eliminate competition for your desired plants and trees to grow healthy and to their full potential.