Red Hills Landworks


Panama City is known for more than just sunny beaches.  In fact the area is densely populated with trees as we have seen after our last few major storms.  A land with aging trees and other plant life that are deemed a potential threat to life and the land itself needs to be cleaned properly and cautiously to avoid damaging the land in the process. To do this, engaging the help of professionals is essential and Red Hills Landworks’ well-seasoned experts can remove the trees from your land with our superior equipment and expertise.  We are always ready to work with you on your project while putting your budget as well as your time into consideration.


Tree removal often leaves behind difficult to remove tree stumps which more often than not turn out to be big nuisances, especially when they hamper your mowing activities and also become trip and fall hazards. There are two principal ways of getting rid of stumps on your land.  While the first option is the complete removal of the tree stump which invariably means a large portion of your land will be torn up, the other is stump grinding which leaves minimal impact on your lawn. Most people stay away from the first option due to its great impact and expense. When we at Red Hills landworks work on grinding your tree stumps with our top-notch machinery, your lawn will be safe, your time and budget will be saved and you will be left with mulch that the plant life on your land can feed off.  Give us a call to learn how we’ve helped many homeowners and commercial property managers in the Panama City area just like you with their tree removal and stump grinding needs.