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Have You Heard About Hydroseeding?

In planting your seeds, several methods could be used. One of them is hydroseeding which is also known as hydro mulching or hydraulic mulch seeding. This process involves using a combination of seeds, mulch, and nutrients which is sprayed onto your field or lawn with a hose.

As a private owner, seeding your lawn through hydroseeding is a wise choice because it cuts back on your need for a large crew and a whole lot of complicated equipment in seeding your lawn. Hydroseeding also affords owners huge savings on the cost of planting grass on a commercial level.

More importantly, hydroseeding is faster and able to uniformly cover a great area within a short period. The process is even applicable to uneven and hilly terrains.  This makes it attractive for commercial or even athletic uses such as in seeding  sports stadiums and golf courses as well as other fields.

Furthermore, hydroseeding is a huge bonus in the growth rate of your grass. The process enhances faster growth in your grass, unlike the older methods. Interestingly, hydroseeding avails you the opportunity to customize your seed mixture which in turn grows into your desired type of lawn.

If you’re in the Panama City area and interest in hydroseeding, contact our experts at Red Hills Landworks to learn more about about how it may be right for your particular job.